To celebrate the release of the film “Gundam Reconguista in G: The Legacy of Space”, an apparel collection of pop colors and college-style has been announced. The lineup includes T-shirts, jackets, and pin badges. Pre-orders are currently available on Premium Bandai.

The “STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ T-shirt” is a cute college-style T-shirt that uses pop colors inspired by the work.

There are 4 designs in total:
BELLRI design with the G mark in the center and Bellri dancing with the G-SELF,
MASK & BARARA design with the model number CAMS-05 and Mask and Barara Peor dancing with two Mac Knives,
KLIM NICK design with Clim Nick Dancing with Space Janaham designed in a classic college logo,
RARAIYA design with the college logo of Raraiya and Raraiya Monday dancing with G-Lucifer.

The “STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ Ripstop Jacket PIRATE CORPS” is inspired by the jacket of the Amerian Army’s covert unit, Pirate Corps, made of soft textured ripstop material. It is windproof, water repellent, and lightweight.

The “STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ Pins” are pins designed with the mark of the Pirate Corps (the Amerian Army’s covert unit) and the G mark from the title of “Gundam Recounguista in G”. You can enjoy attaching them to hats, bags, clothes, anything you like.

“STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ T-shirt” is priced at 4,180 JPY each (tax included).
“STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ Ripstop Jacket PIRATE CORPS” is priced at 8,580 JPY (tax included)
“STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ Pins” is priced at 880 JPY each (tax included)
Pre-orders are available on “STRICT-G Online Store” in “Premium Bandai” from August 4 to August 15, 2021.

■”STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ T-shirt”
Price: 4,180 JPY (tax included) (shipping/handling fee excluded)
BELLRI design (white)
MASK & BARARA design (blue)
KLIM NICK design (navy)
RARAIYA design (pink)
Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Material: 100% cotton

■”STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ Ripstop Jacket PIRATE CORPS”
Price: 8,580 JPY (tax included) (shipping/handling fee excluded)
Color: white
Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Material: 100% polyester

■”STRICT-G ‘Reconguista in G’ Pins”
Price: 880 JPY (tax included) (shipping/handling fee excluded)
G Logo
Size: roughly 30 x 30mm
Material: iron

“STRICT-G Online Store” in “Premium Bandai”
Sales Period: 1 p.m. Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – 11 p.m. Sunday, August 15, 2021
Publisher: Bandai Co., Ltd.
Shipping Date: scheduled for August 2021
*The pre-orders may be closed off when the number of orders reaches the number prepared
*The sales may have closed off when you access the webpage

・STRICT-G Tokyo Odaiba store
・STRICT-G Tokyo Soramachi store
・STRICT-G NEOPASA Shizuoka (Kudari) store
*Please directly contact the stores for details