A 22-page feature on the movie “My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes Mission” (abbreviated as Heroaca in Japan) was published in the magazine “awesome! Vol. 44″, and guest voice actor Yoshizawa Ryo, who plays Roddy Soul in the movie, graces the cover.

“awesome!Vol. 44” has a 22-page special feature on “Hiroaca The Movie World Heroes Mission,” including a long interview with Yoshizawa-san and a special photogravure.

In addition to Takeuchi Shunsuke, who will be playing the role of Boo in “Ryouma! The Prince of Tennis: The New Movie,” the inside pages also feature Koseki Yuta, Yutaro, Shiono Akihisa, Izuka Kenta, and Itagaki Rihito.

” awesome!Vol. 44″ will be released on August 5, 2021 for 1,650 JPY (tax included).