From “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, Wing Gundam Zero gets released as an action figure under the “METAL ROBOT SPIRITS” line. The product will arrive at regular stores in November 2021.

“METAL ROBOT SPIRITS Wing Gundam Zero” presents the series’ main mobile suit Wing Zero, color coated flawlessly over a sharply constructed frame. Built from dense parts crafted through a die casting process, this figure is an impeccable luxury item.

The figure features cool gimmicks, such as the ability to shift it into Neo Bird Mode, and the Machine Cannons, accessible not as the usual attachable external parts, but through an open-and-close hatch mechanism. The Twin Buster Rifle is also available and just like in the anime, it can assume not only the double-barrel state, but its divided form on both sides as well.

“METAL ROBOT SPIRITS Wing Gundam Zero” is priced at 14,300JPY (tax included) will be available on stores in Japan from November 2021.

(c) Sotsu – Sunrise