The sun is shining, and summer is in full swingHot summer is now going on with strong sunrays! Shall we enjoy a stimulating summer with “lewd manga”? This time we pickedWe picked up manga with cute heroines…What kind of expression do unique heroines show to us? Please check the manga itself if you aregot interested!

■Heroines experiencing sexual excitement is so pervertedpervert! “Parallel Paradise”

This is the latest work of genius manga author Okamoto Rin, who is well known for “Elfen Lied” and “Brynhidr in the Darkness”. This manga is also filled with beautiful girls!
A high school boy Tada Youta sneaks into another world after being attacked by athe monster at his school, and meets a beautiful female knight Rumi. She behaves as she dislikes men, but when Youta touches her, she produces a sticky liquid called the “spring of sexual excitement” and goes into heat!but she begins to experience sexual excitement after being touched by Youta by emitting sticky liquid called “spring of sexual excitement”…!
Youta now becomes the only male in the world, and the incarnation of god orderedorder him to have a relationship with Rumi!

■Having a relationship with a darkish heroine? “JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World”

This is the manga adaption of the novel written by Hirajima Kou, which was serialized in “Shousetsuka ni Narou” from 2016. The illustration was drawn by Yamada Jta from 2019, and is currently serialized in “Utsutsu”, the original label of “Manga Kingdom”.

A female high school student Koyama Haru is reincarnated to another world and becomes a sex worker. There, her classmate in the former world, Chiba Seiji, visits her workplace as a guest. While getting tired of each action and word from dark, inexperienced (sexually) Chiba, she “provides” service to her as part of her job.
What is the fate that awaits her as she begins to blend into the new world while feeling a sense of regret for her original world?She hopes to go back to her original world, but the fate awaits her in this world, where she gradually getting used to…

■This is the gold standard forpyramid of the sex fantasy! “Sex and Dungeon”

This is the manga drawn by Sahara Kurokiyo, originally written by Mikansuki, and the original character design by Koyamauchi.

The protagonist Saino Souhei hoped, one day he can go on to the adventure together with his parents, who are the adventurers.
One day, he finds anthe underground maze in his basement. The only method to conquer the dungeon was to level up by having the sexual intercourse with the girls! Also, he obtains the rare items by defeating the monsters. He begins to conquer the girls at the heroines in his academy to have his level up!

■Sexual relationship with childhood friend that begins with a “curse” Lust Geass“Last Geas”

This is occultic romance by Takahashi Osamu, who has written “Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project” (Original Work by: GAGNAX, Khara)

The protagonist Souta is in love with his childhood friend Rikka, who lives in the house next to him. One day, when he is looking for her birthday present, he finds a mysterious used bookstore. Next day after giving a magical book to Rikka, a naked Rikka was riding on Souta for some reason. Rikka asks Souta, “Let’s have an exciting relationship”, and Souta replied…
“Unreasonable” romance with unusual steps begins by being structured by a “curse” from the magical book!

■”Cuteness” and small “sexiness” creates harmony♪ “2.5 Dimensional Seduction”

This is a love comedy with cosplayers, which is currently serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump” by Hashimoto Yuu.
Has no interest to women in real life! A 3-dimensional girl Amano Ririsa visits the manga research club captain Okumura, who loves Liliel, athe character in a 2-dimensional world. OkumuraOkurma begins to support Amano after being asked to help her, then finds the “REAL” Liliel!?
She begins to change in front of him, showing off her underwear designs, etc…excitement cannot stop toward her in “2.5 dimensional” world.