The outline and sneak peek of episode 4 “Girlfriend and Girlfriend” (Broadcast Date: July 23) of the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” have been released.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is based on the “Neo-standard Romance Comedy” manga by Hiroyuki that is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Magazine”.
The main protagonist, Naoya is a freshman in high school, and he managed to be the boyfriend of Saki, who he had liked for a long time. During his peak of happiness, he was suddenly approached by Nagisa, a beautiful young girl, and asked “will you date me?”. After being moved by her extreme goodwill, Naoya made a decision.

In episode 4 “Girlfriend and Girlfriend”, Saki, who had stormed out of Naoya’s home once, returned safely. Saki and Nagisa decided to get to know each other by playing an application game, which is a hobby of Saki.

As Nagisa is not good at playing games, they started practicing the game by watching a gameplay video by a popular YouTuber Mirika. Then, they find a uniform of their school in the video.

The next day while Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa are having lunch in the gymnasium storeroom, someone enters from a high window, which they thought they had closed……

The broadcast date of episode 4 “Girlfriend and Girlfriend” of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” was on July 23, 2021, on the “Animeism” slot of MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS.

(C) Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2021