From the TV anime “The Aquatope on White Sand”, the summary and sneak peek of Episode 3 “Life is, From the Sea”, which will be broadcast from July 22 (Thu), 2021, have been released.

“The Aquatope on White Sand” is a completely new original anime set in a small aquarium in Okinawa Prefecture, directed by Shinohara Toshiya, series composition by Kakihara Yuko, and production by P.A.WORKS, who all also worked together on “Iroduku, The World in Colors”.
The story begins with an encounter between Misakino Kukuru, the acting director of an aquarium on the verge of closing, and Miyazawa Fuka, a girl who has given up on her dreams in Tokyo and has nowhere else to go. The story is a “girl meets girl” coming-of-age ensemble drama that depicts the bonds, conflicts, and growth of these two girls from different backgrounds through their work at the aquarium.

The title of Episode 3 is “Life is, From the Sea”.
Kukuru and Fuka are getting to know each other a little better. When their grandfather is away on a business trip, the two decide to weigh the penguins together. Fuka does her job so well that she doesn’t feel like she made a mistake when feeding the penguins.

Meanwhile, Kukuru notices something wrong with one of the penguins. The burden of taking care of the penguin’s life makes her anxious, and she cannot wait for her grandfather to return, so she consults Takeshita, a veterinarian on maternity leave.

Episode 3 of “The Aquatope on White Sand”, “Life is, From the Sea”, will start airing on TOKYO MX and other stations from July 22, 2021 (Thu).

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