From the anime “Future GPX Cyber Formula”, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021, it has been decided to release the official material collection “Future GPX Cyber Formula GLORIOUS WORKS -We Are Winners-“.

“Future GPX Cyber Formula: GLORIOUS WORKS -We Are Winners-” is a collection of the existing settings of “Future GPX Cyber Formula”, from the first TV series “Future GPX Cyber Formula” to the OVA series “11”, “ZERO”, “SAGA”, and “SIN”. This is an official material collection that contains almost all the setting line drawings of “Cyber Formula”. Just by looking at this book, you can enjoy all the materials that were created for the animation production of the time.

The highlight of the book is that it also contains many beautiful copyrighted illustrations drawn in the past, not to mention the documentation. The book will also include several copyrights that show the trajectory of “Cyber Formula” at a glance, making it a great read as an art book.

Also included are the settings, rough sketches, and color ideas for the new cyber machine “Vision Asurada,” designed by mechanical designer Kawamori Shoji to commemorate the 30th anniversary. The book is 400 pages in total and comes with a three-sided back box.

The price is 9,900 JPY (tax included). Orders will be accepted from July 19 to September 26, and the book is scheduled to be released in December 2021.

Premium Bandai will also be offering a limited edition bonus with a mini color paper drawn by the character’s original designer, Inomata Mutsumi, so fans should not miss out.