From the TV anime “I’m Tsushima the Cat” the summary and sneak peek of episode 3 broadcast on July 16 (Fri) have been released.

The original story of “I’m Tsushima the Cat” is a cat manga published on Twitter with more than 420,000 copies.
The story begins when one day a cat-loving “Oji-chan” (actually a woman) meets a talking cat named Tsushima.

Oji-chan attempts to spoil Tsushima to the fullest with food, a brush, and toys. Will Tsushima remain at the Oji-chan’s house?

Episode 3 of the TV anime “I’m Tsushima the Cat” is broadcast on July 16, 2021 (Fri.) in the “Super Anime Ism” slot on the MBS/TBS network of 28 stations nationwide.

(C) Opu no Kyoudai, Shogakukan/Ore, Tsushima Production Committee 2021