From TV anime “Idolish7 Third BEAT!”, the summary and sneak peek of Episode 2 ‘Unknown Scars’ which was broadcast on July 11 (Sun) have been released.

The original story of “Idolish7” is a music ADV game for smartphones; the first season of the TV series was broadcast in 2018 and the second season in 2020. This is the third season of the series, and it depicts the third part of the app game’s main storyline in two cours.

The title of the second episode is “Unknown Scars”.
Mitsuki and Nagi learn that Yamato is harboring a secret from the way he was acting at the party. More than the secret itself, Nagi was not satisfied with Yamato’s attitude of being closed off even to his friends.

As for Yamato himself, on the set of the movie, he encounters a a barrier in his acting for the first time. …..

“Idolish7 Third BEAT!” Episode 2 ‘Unknown Scars’ was broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11 and other stations from July 11 (Sun).

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