It was announced that the collaboration between the popular anime “Detective Conan” by Aoyama Gosho and the 1 vs 4 asymmetrical multiplayer game “Identity V” will start in fall 2021.

“Identity V” has became a worldwide trend when the collaboration with “Detective Conan” for Mainland China was announced during the COAIV’s tournament in 2020.
After 1 year, the collaboration with “Detective Conan” for the worldwide server, including Japan, was officially announced during the 3rd anniversary livestream.

During the livestream, the latest collaboration between “Identity V” X “Detective Conan” was revealed.
In the dark and quiet old garden, a gunshot could be heard suddenly. When the detectives headed toward the sound and pushed open the dusty door, a bright light shone in their eyes. Then, together with the main theme song of “Detective Conan”, the familiar characters, such as Edogawa Conan, Kudou Shinichi, Mori Kogoro, Mori Ran, Hattori Heiji, and Miyano Shiho (Haibara Ai) appear one after another.

It could be said that both “Detective Conan” and “Identity V” are works filled with suspense. The two works share the same spirit of justice and conviction, of keeping a cool head in the midst of a mystery-filled predicament and doing everything in one’s power to find the truth behind it, so expectations are rising for what kind of collaboration these two resonating souls will show.