From the TV anime “Remake Our Life”, the summary and a sneak peek of the 2nd Episode “Let’s Go Back 10 Years”, which aired on July 10th (Sat), have been released.

“Remake Our Life” is based on a light novel published by MF Bunko J. The main character, Hashiba Kyouya, who works for a game company, time leaps to the world 10 years ago, and chooses to go to an art university, which he didn’t choose at the time, to start his life over again (remake).

The title of the 2nd Episode is “Let’s Go Back 10 Years.”
In class, the students were asked to make a three-minute video work on the theme of “time”. Kyouya teams up with three people from the share house Kitayama to take charge of the production.
However, Kyouya’s idea raises some doubts in Tsurayuki’s mind.

The 2nd Episode of “Remake Our Life,” “Let’s Go Back 10 Years,” started airing on TOKYO MX and other stations on Saturday, July 10.

(C) Kio Nachi, KADOKAWA / Remake Our Life Production Committee