The animation studio Gonzo has started their latest project “SAMURAI cryptos”, which serves as the starting signal of Japanese Samurai in the blockchain, NFT ((Non-Fungible Token) era.

Based on the producer Ishikawa Shinichirou, there is a single request, which is “Let’s create new anime in the NFT era with the Japanese samurai!”.

“SAMURAI cryptos” is the latest project with the basic idea of “The characters will ask questions to people around the world, and based on the feedbacks, they will comprehend it and create a new story.”

Ishikawa mentioned that the new chapter in the anime industry will be started based on the fundamental of NFT. After presenting the three keywords, which are “Cypher (mean 0 in Hindu)”, “Decentral”, and “Solidarity”, he requests creators, who had mutual thoughts with him, to create an original samurai character of their choices.

For the 1st lineup, the works by Kobayashi Makoto (“Last Exile” and “Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ”), Chiba Michinori (“Basilisk” and SK8 the Infinity”), and Iijima Hiroya (“Afro Samurai” and “Mazinger Z Movie: Infinity”) have been released.

Regarding their works, Ishikawa praised them with “The gathering of the works by Kobayashi-san, Chiba-san, and Iijima-san are the best start for this project!”.

Other than the character design, Ishikawa had also personally request creators for the various designs related to this project. It seems that the results of that are just as he had imagined.

For “SAMURAI cryptos”, it seems that the next lineup of creators is consists of amazing people. So, do look forward to the detailed announcement on the project schedule and announcement method.