The animation studio Gonzo began “Ouchi de Gonzo” (Gonzo at home) from May 1 in which you can enjoy Gonzo works during your “home time”.
They are distributing wallpapers of 9 of their works, streaming “The Tower of Druaga” series and “Blassreiter” for free, and distributing a drawing of “Kaleido Star” to color in, along with a contest of which the director Satou Junichi himself will be the judge.

“Ouchi de Gonzo” is aimed to give the fans, who have to stay home due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, a more enjoyable experience at home.

“The Tower of Druaga” series, “Blassreiter”, “Romeo x Juliet”, “Witchblade”, “Glass Fleet”, “Marginal Prince”, “SoltyRei”, “Basilisk”, and “Kaleido Star”, are the 9 pieces of work in the lineup of wallpapers available at Gonzo's official website.
They depict the worlds of each piece of work and are a great choice for the background of teleworking, video chats, or for the wallpaper of your computer.

Also, at the official Gonzo YouTube channel “GONZO CHANNEL”, all episodes of “The Tower of Druaga” series and “Blassreiter” are streaming for free until May 14.

Adapted from the legendary game, “The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of URUK” and “The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of URUK” are the adventures of Jil, who aims to climb to the top of the Tower of Druaga.
“Blasslater” is a battle royale between those who have become demons who fight for their lives. The anime had great creators as Itano Ichirou, Urobuchi Gen, and Kobayashi Yasuko.

Both animes have 24 episodes of young people with thoughts and feelings growing up, so fans, as well as those who have never seen the series, should take this opportunity to check them out.

And from “Kaleido Star” comes an illustration of Naegino Sora and Leila Hamilton arranged for coloring.
At the same time, the “Kaleido Star Coloring Contest” is held with director Satou Junichi and character designer Watanabe Hajime and Oisaki Fmitoshi as judges. The winning work will be used as the end card of “Kaleido Star”, which is scheduled to be released on “GONZO CHANNEL”, for a limited time.

The winners will be given a chance to win “Kaleido Star” goods with the autographs of all the judges by lottery. If you're a fan, you don't want to miss this event.

Further details of Gonzo's “Ouchi de Gonzo” are available at their official website and Twitter.

“The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of URUK” (C)BNEI / Izumi Project
“The Tower of Druaga: the Sword of URUK” (C)BNEI / Izumi Project
“Blassreiter” (C)2008 GONZO・Nitroplus / Blassreiter Project
“Romeo x Juliet” (C)2007 GONZO・CBC TELEVISION CO., LTD.・SkyperfecTV!
“Witchblade” (C)2006 Top Cow Productions, Inc. / GONZO・CBC TELEVISION CO., LTD・SkyperfecTV! All rights reserved.
“Glass Fleet”(C)2006 GONZO・FIELDS / “Glass Fleet” Production Committee
“Marginal Prince”(C)2006 Morimoto Mayuto・Kai Tomohisa / St. Alfonso Academy Board of Directors
“SoltyRei”(C)2005 Shuzilow. HA・GONZO
“Basilisk” (C)Yamada Fuutarou・Segawa Masaki・Kodansha / GONZO
“Kaleido Star” (C)2003 Satou Junichi・HAL・GONZO / Kaleido Stage