“Ouran High School Host Club”, the manga by Hatori Bisco that has been serialized in “Monthly La La” and had experienced TV anime, drama, and live-action movie adaptation, will become a musical this time. Moreover, the cast information has been revealed and the comment from the author Hatori Bisco has arrived.

“Ouran High School Host Club” is the manga by Hatori Bisco, which was serialized in “Monthly La La” and has experienced TV anime, drama, and live-action movie adaptation. The story is set in Ouran High School, where sons and daughters from elite families go to, and will depict youthful school life story occurring around “Host Club”, where handsome male students welcome female students.

Komatsu Junya, Satonaka Masamichi, Futaba Yuu, Futaba Kaname, Konishi Eito, and Katou Shou will play the members of “Host Club”.
Komatsu will play the club captain Suou Tamaki, Satonaka will play the sub-captain Ootori Kyouya, Futaba Yuu and Futaba Kaname will play the twins Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru, Konishi will play Haninozuka Mitsukuni and Katou will play Morinozuka Takashi.

Natsuki Chobi from SHIKA 564 will be in charge of stage effects, and Akazawa Muc will write the script.
The comments from Hatori Bisco has arrived this time.

“Stage ‘Ouran High School Host Club’” will be on stage from January 2022 in Tokyo and Osaka.

Hatori Bisco Comment
I love the plays.
What about musical? I love it more than anything else.
The work I created, and which had finished long time ago…is now becoming a musical?
It is a dream…?
Once again, I am grateful that Host Club is loved by many people.

I am happy to have a chance to share this wonderful opportunity with those who supported “Ouran High School Host Club”.