The limited goods which are inspired by the anime “Girls & Pantzer” called “Oarai Girls Academy Mandatory Goods” will be sold again. The line-ups include running shoes, a backpack, and a tote shoulder bag.

“Oarai Girls Academy Mandatory Goods” is the project which came out of the imagination, “if there were mandatory goods” for Oarai Girls Academy, the school where the protagonist Nishizumi Miho goes to. There was an exclusive sale for the product only at “Ankou Festival GirlPan Mini MIni Hobby Show” held at Oarai, Ibaraki from Nov. 16 and 17, 2019.

“GAViC” is the brand holding up “Culture of Nippon (Japan)”, and they designed the items that they can fit into daily scenes of commute to school and work, for a walk, and sports. In addition to its unique design, there were unique functions are added to them, and the line-ups made the users easier to feel the life at Oarai Girls Academy even closer.