A teaser promo and the main staff of the TV anime “Chainsaw Man”, currently under production by MAPPA, have been revealed. The anime will be directed by Nakayama Ryuu, who will debut as a TV anime series director. Also, information about the new one-shot manga has been announced.

“Chainsaw Man” is a dark fantasy that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and received over 11 million copies published. Part 1 ended in December 2020, and Part 2 is planned to be serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump +”.
Denji is a boy who lives as a “Devil Hunter” along with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil. He lives a crappy life trying to pay off the debts left behind by his parents but gets betrayed and killed. He makes a contract with Pochita and comes back to life as the “Chainsaw Man” with the heart of a devil.

The newly released teaser promo featured the main characters such as Denji, Makima, Power, and Aki.
The beautiful images and the scenes only possible via animation are exceeding the fans’ expectations and are growing the hype among them.
Also, information about the main staff has been revealed. Directed by Nakamura Ryu, script by Seko Kouji, and the music will be handled by Ushio Kensuke. We also received a comment from director Nakayama.

In addition, it was announced that a new one-shot manga by author Fujimoto Tatsuki will be released. No details about the story have been announced, but we know it is scheduled to be released on July 19.

■Comment from director Nakayama
It is an honor to be involved as the director of this title, which I loved from before.
I will do my best to create an anime that everyone can enjoy, regardless of knowing the original manga or being introduced to Chainsaw Man from the anime.

(C) Fujimoto Tatsuki / Shueisha, MAPPA