A special movie was released to commemorate the release of the latest volume of the manga of “One Piece”, which is volume 99 that was released on June 4, 2021. The battle between Straw Hat Pirates and the Beasts Pirates led by the strongest creature Kaido is recreated in Shinjuku.

The setting of this movie is at the public square in front of the east entrance of Shinjuku station. In the live-action movie that was taken using the drone for the first time at the public square, the illustrations of the “One Piece” characters can be seen as they battle at the center of a city.
As the battle takes place in Shinjuku, it gives off the large-scale battle between the members of Straw Hat Pirates and Beast Pirates easily.

The members of the Straw Hat Pirates are looking at “Kaido of the Beasts”, the captain of Beasts Pirates, who is floating on top of Shinjuku. The tremendous, nerve-wracking footages, such as the fierce battle between the leaders of Beasts Pirate and the members of Straw Hat Pirates, including Zoro and Sanji, Yamato who is risking her life to save Momo, and the Nine Red Scabbards facing their fate rival Kaido to clear their 20 years grudge, are all taken place in Shinjuku.

Volume 99 of “One Piece” is currently available now.
Also, the cover of volume 99 has a special specification, where it will form a single picture when combining with the cover of volume 100 and 101 that will be published in the future.

(C) Oda Eiichiro/ Shueisha