‘TECH-ON AVENGERS’, a special collaboration project between ‘Marvel Comics’ and ‘TAMASHII NATIONS’, a brand for adult collectors run by BANDAI SPIRITS, has started. This time, a sample coloring design of ‘S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (TECH-ON AVENGERS)’, which is still under development, has been shown.

‘TECH-ON AVENGERS’ is a project consists of the comic “TECH-ON AVENGERS”, and the figure series, “S.H.Figuarts” based on the comic.

‘S.H.Figuarts Iron Man (TECH-ON AVENGERS)’, whose image has been shown, made a new armored suit, designed by a manga artist Shimizu Eiichi, into three-dimensional. The new mechanism adopted some expertise of METAL BUILD and others in order to create more dynamic actions.

The greatest feature of ‘TECH-ON AVENGERS’ is ‘DH-10 Mode’ that displays its considerable power by releasing energy straightaway. ‘S.H.Figuarts’ recreates the mode change to ‘DH-10 Mode’ with replaceable parts.

Please check out the special webpage for more detailed information of the project.

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