“Sailor Moon the Movie: Eternal” and smartphone puzzle RPG game called “Puyo Puyo! Quest” collaboration started from Mar. 12, 2021. The original illustration for Super Sailor Uranus, Super Sailor Neptune, Super Sailor Pluto, and Super Sailor Saturn have been revealed.

This collaboration not only contains the characters from “Sailor Moon the Movie: Eternal” with newly recorded voices, but also with “Puyoque” characters in the original collaboration dresses.
Moreover, a special story of the Sailor Moons chasing the mysterious circus, collaboration event, the revival gatcha will be held.

“Puyo Puyo Quest” and “Sailor Moon the Movie: Eternal” collaboration will be held from Mar. 12 to Mar. 22.
Detailed information is on the special website.

(C) Takeuchi Naoko, PNP/ “Sailor Moon the Movie: Eternal” Production Committee