The collaboration photobook of the voice actor Asanuma Shintarou and the photographer Kobayashi Hirokazu called “Monthly Asanuma Shintarou×Kobayashi Hirokazu” will be on sale on May 17, 2021.

This photobook is the first time for the voice actors to appear in the “monthly” series, which is very popular as a mook type photobook series.
The voice actor being picked up in the photobook is Asanuma Shintarou, who is active as a voice actor, a director and a scriptwriter. He is known for playing characters in “A3!” (Kayagasaki Itaru) and in “Hypnosis Mic” (playing Sakon Samatoki).

Kobayashi Hirokazu, who have directed “Monthly”×the next generation actor series, will be the producer and this photobook will contain a thick story than ever before.

Moreover, from May 17 to 23, long ads will be displayed at JR Ikebukuro Station North Exit, and the different ads will be displayed at Animate Ikebukuro from May 17 to June 6.
Additionally, the small panel exhibition will be held at Animate Ikebukuro and a panel and shooting tools will be displayed at Animate Shibuya.

Even more, the photobook will be sold with 【Regular version with 2 bromides】 and 【Special Animate cover version】 at Animate stores and online shops. The special postcard will be given at the moment of purchase made at HMV & BOOKS online store.

“Monthly Asanuma Shintarou × Kobayashi Hirokzu” will be on sale at bookstores,, and other online bookstores.