The latest “Fate” series, “Fate/Grand Order: Camelot” had collaborated with the family restaurant “Coco’s”. The starting date of the collaboration date is on May 13, 2021, and various developments, including the collaboration menu, will be available.

The collaboration “Coco’s X Fate/Grand Order: Camelot Saihate no Bishoku Monogatari Campaign (“Coco’s X Fate/Grand Order: Camelot The Tales of the Furthest Ends’ Gourmet Food Campaign” will have collaboration menus inspired by the three factions that can be seen in the work.
Upon every single order from the selected menu, including the collaboration menu, a Coco’s limited original A4 clear file will be given, and it is also applicable for take-out orders as well.

Other than a life-sized panel being installed on 92 Coco’s stores, Coco’s limited original acrylic standing panel will also be on sale in the store.
Also, to hype up the campaign during the campaign period, original in-store announcements by Bedivere (voiced by Miyano Mamoru), Fujimaru Ritsuka (voiced by Shimazaki Nobunaga), and Mash Kyrielight (voiced by Takahashi Rie) could be heard, and a special in-store decoration can be seen only at the Nakano stores.

The orders and sales for the limited goods, including the standing flag and tapestry, are available on the online store Zensho Net Store.

The starting date of “Coco’s X Fate/Grand Order: Camelot Saihate no Bishoku Monogatari Campaign” is on May 13, 2021. Detailed information can be found on the special webpage.