Kudou Yukiko, Kisaki Eri, and Mary will be featured on the “Detective Conan Official App”, the app that has everything you need to know about “Detective Conan”, for a limited time until May 27, 2021.

To celebrate Mothers’ Day, episodes with “Kudou Yukiko”, “Kisaki Eri”, and “Mary Sera” will be featured on “Detective Conan Official App”. A total of 6 episodes (20 chapters) will be available for free, one chapter per day.

The selected episodes included the “Coffee Shop Murder Case”, which reveals Ran’s special someone(?), “Hokutosei No.3 Leaving Ueno” in which Conan and Yukiko solve the case imitated from the plot of Yuusaku’s novel, and “The Magician of the Wave”, which depicts Shinichi’s memory from 10 years ago.

In “The Similar Princesses” from vol. 40-41, Ran’s mother Eri goes to the Fujieda mansion as a representative of Kogorou, who wasted his money before solving the case. Eri, Ran, and Conan are stuck without being able to find any clues from the threatening letter and bullet sent to the client’s husband, Fujieda Mikio when Shinichi’s mother Yukiko comes to help. Will the mother duo be able to solve the case?

“Kudou Yukiko/Kisaki Eri/Mary Special Feature” is currently being held on the Detective Conan Official App for a limited time until May 27, 2021.

(c) Aoyama Goushou / Shogakukan (c) CYBIRD