April 27 is Female Police Officer Commemoration Day.

It comes from the historical event where the first female officer started working on April 27, 1946.

There are multiple scenes in the anime and manga, where female police officers are active in the story. They sometimes beautifully capture the criminal with nice action, solve cases like an actual detective, or chase the criminals with police cars. Among those female police officers, who were the most impressive characters?

Here at Anime! Anime!, we conducted the annual readers’ survey titled “Who is your favorite female police officer characters?”. This was conducted from April 12 to April 19, and we received answers from 249 readers.
Females made up the majority with 80%, while males made up 20%. For the age level, it seemed the young readers made up the majority where the minors had 35% and 20’s made up approximately 35%.

■Anime related to the police officers ranked high!
1st Place
1st place went to Tsunemori Akane from “PSYCHO-PASS”. The support rating was approximately 30% and she has ranked in the top for 2 consecutive years.

In the 1st season, Tsunemori Akane was first affiliated with the Public Safety Bureau Criminal Department 1. “At first, she was not reliable and had troubles as a newbie officer, but as she grew up, she become more confident and could face difficulties” and “She encouraged us with her brave and confident attitude by believing in the possibility of the society and the residents even when she experiences something bad”. It seemed that she charmed the audience with the process of her growing up. Shimotsuki Mika from the same anime also ranked in 14th place.

2nd Place
In 2nd place was Satou Miwako from “Detective Conan”. The support rating was approximately 21% and she ranked in the 2nd place for 2 consecutive years.

She was the detective at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Division. Comments about her said, “She overcomes any challenges with her strong heart, and she is an assistant inspector who gives directions to other detectives smoothly. She is cute when she shows her romantic personality”, and “She is not too familiar with romance, and I am excited to see the relationship with Detective Takagi!”. She was popular for both being cute and a good detective.

3rd Place
In 3rd place was Miyamoto Yumi from “Detective Conan”. The support rating was approximately 9% and ranked higher compared to her rank in the previous year, which was 7th.
She affiliates with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Division. “She is as cool as detective Satou”, and “She is a reliable sister at the Traffic Division”, the fans said. Some fans paid attention to the relationship with the master Haneda Hideyoshi; “I am interested in the romantic relationship with the master Haneda Hideyoshi, who is also known for Chukichi”.

■Introducing other comments!

To Izumino Akira from “Mobile Police PATLABOR”: ‘She is the protagonist of “PATLABOR”, which is my youth! She is an energetic, active officer who became the pilot for Patlabor because she had a similar hobby.”
To Junsa from “Pokemon”: “She has been a familiar character since episode 2. She is a great detective since she keeps capturing Pokemon hunters for more than 20 years.”

To Nogami Saeko from “City Hunter”: “She is the only one who can deal with the protagonist, Saeba Ryou. She is sexy, handsome and also cute.”
To Dandanbara Teruyo “Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back!”: “She is an unbelievably reckless newbie, but she is so motivated and serious about her work. She cooporated with the Nohara Family fully, and eventually captured the criminal like a detective at the last.”

The characters from the anime related to the police ranked high in the 2021 version.
Some anime, including “PSYCHO-PASS”, “Detective Conan”, and “Mobile Police PATLABOR”, had multiple characters rank in.

■Ranking Top 15
1st: Tsunemori Akane from “PSYCHO-PASS”
2nd: Satou Miwako from “Detective Conan”
3rd: Miyamoto Yumi from “Detective Conan”
4th: Izumino Akira from “Mobile Suit PATLABOR”
5th: Miike Naeko from “Detective Conan”
6th: Imai Nobume from “Gintama”
7th: Akimoto Catrine Reiko from “This is the Koban in Front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward”
7th; Junsa from “Pokemon”
9th: Nagumo Shinobu from “Mobile Suit PATLABOR”
10th: Kusanagi Motoko from “Ghost in the Shell”
10th: Kobayakawa Miyuki from “You’re Under Arrest”
10th: Tsujimoto Natsumi from “You’re Under Arrest”
10th: Nogami Saeko from “City Hunter”
14th: Nobara Yui from “Detective Conan”
14th: Shimotsuki Mika from “PSYCHO-PASS”

(Survey Conducted: April 12, 2021~ April 19, 2021)