‘Angel Clover’, a fashion watch brand, releases 6 collaborative models with ‘Kinnikuman’. Limited pre-orders started on April 29 at the ‘KIN29SHOP’ official website and some other specified websites.

The collaborative watches are inspired by ‘Golden Mask Arc’. Based on the matches from Golden Mask Arc, the watches feature Kinnikuman, Akuma Shogun, Terryman, Ashuraman, Brocken Jr, and the Ninja.

Although the design looks simple at a glance, the characters slightly printed on the dials allow the watches to express the world of Kinnikuman yet be an everyday use watch at the same time.
The watches also have fun details for fans such as the characters’ battle scenes engraved on the back covers, and each character’s motif on crowns and bezels.

‘Kinnikuman Collaboration Watches’ are 22,000 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are available at the ‘KIN29SHOP’ official website and other websites until May 29th. Shipping is planned for late June.

(C)Yudetamago, Toei Animation