From “Kinnikuman” comes two new “Motor Man” figures. The figures are now available for pre-order on the official CCP website.

This product, “CCP Muscular Collection NO. 60 Motor Man”, is based on the concept of the “Skillful Team Complete Project”, and features Motor Man, the spearhead of the Skillful Team that appears in the Kinniku Taishi Championship Arc. The item has been sculpted in two patterns, one in hollow PVC “soft vinyl” and the other in heavy “cast”.
This is the first in a series of sculpted versions of the skillful team, following the intelligent team and the powerful team.

The “soft vinyl” figure has been sculpted in a sparkling flash pose, while the “cast” figure has been sculpted in its original pose.
Both are available in original colors and special colors.

The “Soft Vinyl CMC NO.60 Motor Man” will be priced at 15,000 JPY (tax not included), and the “Cast CMC NO.60 Motor Man” will be priced at 29,000 JPY (tax not included). Pre-orders are being accepted on the official CCP website until March 31, 2021, with shipping scheduled for July 2021.

(C) Yudetamago