Advance cut of TV Animation “Tropical~Rouge! Pretty Cure” Episode 9 “Make-Up is Magic? Get Tropical With A Movie!” has been released.

Manatsu is very excited to hear that a movie is going to be shot at Aozora Junior High School! She is excited to appear in the movie as an extra in the Tropical Club, when she sees a girl in a mask and sunglasses near the school gate.
The girl is Yamabe Yuna, a young actor who is rapidly gaining popularity. Yuna was confused about the role she was going to play in the next movie and ended up at Aozora Junior High School, the location of the film.

The calm Yuna plays the role of a villainous young lady who bullies the main character. Manatsu suggests that everyone in the Tropical Club help Yuna train for her role, but it doesn’t go well.

Then, Yuna is struck by the sight of Sango, who has a similar vibe to her, helping to announce a new cosmetic product at her mother’s store. Sango, Minori, and Asuka were all able to take a step forward after meeting Manatsu. Hearing this story, Yuna makes up her mind.

Episode 9 was on air on Sunday, April 25.

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