Bags featuring Narukatsu, Atsushi Toushiro, Midare Toushiro, and Hirano Toushiro from “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” are now available for pre-order at SuperGroupies.

The “Narakatsu Model Shoulder Bag” is a 2-way square shoulder bag with an off-white outline that gives it a crisp appearance. Based on the luxurious black color, the front pocket is stitched with Narukatsu’s masks.
The silhouette of the mask appears in the loosely curved pocket. The fur charm part with the image of the “accompanying fox” is detachable, so you can enjoy it according to the season or your outfit.

The “Atsushi Toushiro Model Body Bag” is a body bag with a casual yet elegant look. The front has double pockets with zippers and mesh. The design is deliberately slanted to resemble the chest of Atsushi Toushiro’s outfit. The tag with the crest is placed and stamped on the same color fabric as the body, making it a great finish for daily use.

In addition, there is a lineup of bags featuring the images of Midare Toushiro and Hirano Toushiro, each with its own coloring.

The “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” collaboration bags are now available for pre-order at SuperGroupies.

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