Smartphone pochettes inspired by Touken Danshi appearing in “Touken Ranbu -Online-“, which are made with Japanese traditional fabric styles, have been released. Pre-order is currently available at ‘Premico Online Shop’.

‘Ichigo Hitofuri <Bishu Ori>’ uses blue as a main color, which reminds us of Ichigo Hitofuri’s hair, and Red and yellow as accent colors. It has a design of Sennari Byoutan and Sakura at Daigo Temple on the surface. Bright yellow-colored tassel and collar patterns on the back surface are inspired by the costume of Ichigo Hitofuri.

‘Buzen Gou <Kokura Ori>’ has a design of diagonal stripe patterns, which reminds us of Buzenn Gou running like the wind, and it is a traditional pattern of Kokura Ori. Sangaibishi is embossed like a bike seat on the back surface. ‘Kokura Ori’ of Buzen used to be a gift by Ogasawara-han.

Furthermore, the lineup also recreates the style of Kikkou Sadamune with Yuki Tsumugi, and Kasen Kanesada with Kokura Ori.

‘Touken Ranbu -Online- X Japanese Fabrics Smartphone Pochette’ is priced at 21,780 JPY each (tax included) . Pre-orders are currently beingaccepted at ‘Premico Online Shop’.

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