“Fukuoka Tower Instrumentality Project”, an “Observatory Collaboration” between “Evangelion” and Fukuoka Tower, is currently being held.

In the “Fukuoka Tower Instrumentality Project”, the Evangelions and their pilots appear on the windows of the observatory. It has become a photo spot where you can take photos of buildings, residential areas, mountains, and the sea just as if you’re in Tokyo-3.

There are also plans for “Battle of Shinmomochihama”, where you can enjoy an impressive 123m-high view just like from the pilot seat of Eva, life-size panel’s of Shinji and other characters, an exhibition of scene panels from the film and videos, a photo spot where you can take pictures as if you’ve become the size of an Evangelion, and secret content.

“Fukuoka Tower Instrumentality Project” will be held at the Fukuoka Tower observatory until June 13. Check out the special website for details.

※Please note that this event may be delayed or canceled depending on the state of the society.