To commemorate the release of “Detective Conan the Movie: the Scarlet Bullet,” “Friday Roadshow” will broadcast Conan movies for two consecutive weeks. Following “Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper” on the first week, “Detective Conan: Countdown to Heaven” will be aired on the second week. Let’s check out the highlights of this film before it airs!

[Highlights of the film] The Detective Boys are trapped in a high-tech building!
This is the fifth film in the movie version of the “Detective Conan” series that was released on April 21, 2001. The catchphrase is “No escape! Stop time in this dangerous trap!” It’s a full-blown mystery and action-packed film that won third place in the Friday Roadshow viewer poll held in January 2020.

The story takes place in Nishitama City, which appeared in the first film version of “The Time-bombed Skyscraper”. A series of murders occur in a newly built high-rise twin tower. Conan realizes that a black-robed organization is involved, but around the time of the murders, Haibara Ai begins to act suspiciously. ……
Then, a new murder and a bombing occur at the opening party of the tower. Conan, Ran, and the Detective Boys are trapped in a high-rise building with a bomb, but will they be able to escape safely?

In fact, this is the first time the Black Organization, which has been involved in the story since the first episode, appears in the film version. In addition to Gin and Vodka’s movements, we also have to pay attention to Haihara Ai, who seems to be on the sidelines of being a friend or foe.
In addition, Ran’s gutsy action, the activities of the Detective Boys (plus their love story on ……?), and more will keep you counting the minutes until the end. The countdown to the end never stops.

[Story] A murder in a high-rise building and the “Black Organization” goes hand in hand!

Conan and the Detective Boys stop by the soon-to-be-completed Twin Tower building in Nishitama City, the tallest in Japan. There, Conan sees a Porsche 356A that seems to belong to the “Black Organization”. The building is the most advanced high-tech building in the world, and there are many suspicious people involved in the construction of the building. ……

The next day, the people involved in the twin towers are attacked and murdered! However, the opening party of the Twin Towers is held, overriding the investigators’ request to cancel the party. The moment the curtain rises, a woman is seen hanging from a piano wire! In addition, a series of bombs explode in the basement, and the building’s power supply is completely shut down.
Who are the culprits behind the serial murders and the building bombings? And what exactly is the Black Organization’s goal?

(C) 1997-2020 Goushou Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee
(C) 2020 Goushou Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee