From the movie “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” comes clear files with a newly drawn design and other items based on the theme of “special moves”. They will be sold at Tom’s Shop and other stores.

All the five characters depicted are Edogawa Conan, Akai Shuichi, Haneda Shuukichi, Sera Masumi, and Okiya Subaru. Products include clear files, blind 76mm badges, acrylic stands, can badge storage book with acrylic bromide, and clips.

The new items for “Detective Conan the Movie: The Scarlet Bullet” are priced at 1,100 JPY (including tax) for the Clear File 3 Set 2020, 550 JPY (including tax) for the Blind 76mm Badge, 1,980 JPY (including tax) for the Acrylic Stand 2020, 1,870 JPY (including tax) for the Can Badge Storage Book with Acrylic Bromide, and 1,045 JPY (including tax) for the Clip (total 5 kinds), respectively.

(C) 2020 Aoyama Goshou / Detective Conan Production Committee
(C) Aoyama Goshou/Shogakukan, Yomiuri Television, TMS 1996