A TV animation of “This Healer is so Annoying”, a comedy about a pompous adventurer in a different world, has been produced on Nico Nico Shizuka. At the same time, the original author, Tannen Ni HakkoTannen nihakkou, has sent us a direct comment and a newly drawn manga.

This work has a cult following on Nico Nico SeigaShizuka, the website of Tannen Ni HakkoTannen nihakkou. It is a comedy about a dark-hearted dark elf girl, Kara, and a weak adventurer, Alvin, who has a high tolerance for aggression.

In commemoration of the decision to produce a TV anime, a newly drawn illustration by the original author, Tannen Ni HakkoTannen nihakkou, as well as a newly drawn manga and comments by the author have been released. The comments include “Please continue to support both the anime and the manga!” and so on.

We can’t wait for more information about the TV anime “This Healer, is so Annoying”, such as when it will air and the cast.

(C)Tannen Ni HakkoTannen nihakkou