From “Kamen Rider Black”, “Satan Saber”, a sword owned by Shadow Moon, has been released as merchandise . Pre-orders are being accepted at ‘Premium Bandai’.

‘TAMASHII Lab Satan Saber’ is a real-sized three dimensional item produced by TAMASHII Lab, recreating the “Satan Saber” used by rival character Shadow Moon in “Kamen Rider Black”.

Even the beautifully curved design of the sword guard is faithfully reproduced in the modeling, with deep gold coloring and clear parts used for the beautiful red blade for realism.
The voice of Terasoma Masaki, who played the role of Shadow Moon, has been recorded, and famous lines by Shadow Moon aiming to dominate the world have been brought back.

Terasoma left some comments after recording, saying ‘The recording was really difficult, making me realize that so many things have changed after 35 years. This product is very real, and I was amazed. The charm of Shadow Moon is his sensitivity and purity that he has gained as he is shadow. I am so glad to meet this character. Everyone, please keep loving us forever. Thank you!’

‘TAMASHII Lab Satan Saber’ is priced at 13,200 JPY (including tax), Pre-orders are being accepted at ‘Premium Bandai’, and the delivery is scheduled for September 2021.

(C)Ishimori Production, Toei