In episode 3 of “Girls und Panzer das Finale” (released on March 26, 2021), the opponent in the semi final was decided to be Keizoku Highschool. A new visual featuring Mika of Keizoku Highschool, a new character and armored warfare of Keizoku Highschool, the newest PV, a design of the visitor’s gift for 3rd week, and a trailer of episode 4 have been revealed.

In episode 3 of “Girls und Panzer das Finale”, Oarai Prefectural Girls High School won the game while the team experienced a great struggle in various “charges” of Chihatan Academy, an opponent in the 2nd game of Touki Mugen Kidou Hai. In the semi final, the opponent will be Keizoku Highschool…

The visual released this time features Nishizumi Miho of Oarai Girls High School and Mika of Keizoku Highschool.
Along with that, Jouko as a new character of Keizoku Highschool, T-26 as a new tank , and “Girls und Panzer das Finale” episode 3 PV (Keizoku Highschool ver.) have been revealed.
The trailer of episode 4 has also been released, so please look forward to further developments.

“Girls und Panzer das Finale” Episode 3 is now showing. If you go to theaters between April 9 and 15, you will be given ‘Pocket Tissues with Original Illustration’ as visitor’s gift for 3rd week.

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