The first cast member has been announced for the TV anime “Getter Robo Arc” which will start airing in July 2021. The main character, Nagare Takuma, will be played by Uchida Yuma. In addition, the key visual, PV, and theme song information have also been released.

“Getter Robo Arc” is the final work in the “Getter Robo Saga” that began with the manga “Getter Robo” by Nagai Gou and Ishikawa Ken, which was first serialized in 1974.

The animation to be produced this time will reflect the characteristics of the original work in a more colorful way. It will be directed by Jun Kawagoe, who worked on “Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo” and “New Getter Robo”, and animated by Bee Media, who produced the OVA “Getter Robo Series”.

The first cast has now been announced. Uchida Yuma will be playing the role of Nagare Takuma, the main character aboard the Getter Robot, Mukaino Arimaro will be playing Kamui Shou, and Sunseki Kazuhiro will be playing Yamagishi Baku. The role of Jin Hayato will also be played byUchida Yuma same as “Shin (Change!)”. Getter Robo: The Last Day of the World” (1998-) and other “Getter Robo” series.

In the key visual, the three members of the “Getter Team” who board the “Getter Robo” are all together, with Jin Hayato giving commands and the main mecha “Getter Arc” behind them.

The second PV with a new cut has also been released.
Also, the OP theme has been decided to be the new song “Bloodlines ~Bloodline of Destiny~” by JAM Project.

The TV anime “Getter Logo Arc” will start airing in July 2021.

Comment from Uchida Yuma as Nagare Takuma
My name is Uchida Yuma, and I will be voicing Nagare Takuma.
The “Getter Robo Series” is a work with a long history that has lasted for over 45 years.
The fact that it is still being animated after such a long time is proof that the series has been loved for a long time, and I am very moved.
When I was given the role, I felt the size and weight of it, but as always, I will do my best to create the work to the best of my ability.
I will do my best so that many people can enjoy it! Please look forward to “Getter Robo Arc”!

Comment from Mukaino Arimaro as Kamui Shou
I was very happy when I heard about this project.
I immediately read the original comic and became absorbed in the world of the story.
Kamui is a young man with a complicated fate that I could never experience myself.
I was surprised that he was the same age as me.
I was determined to accept and embody his overly harsh upbringing.
While feeling the weight of the history of the Getter Robot series, I think I must meet the expectations that are appropriate for it and deliver it to the fans.

Comment from Sunseki Kazuhiro as Yamagishi Baku
When I heard that I had been chosen for the role, I was so happy that I screamed, and before I knew it, I was pumping my fist to the sky. I was so excited to be a part of the content that I have loved since I was a child. But I also felt the pressure of whether I would be able to inherit the spirit of Getter that my predecessors had passed down to me and deliver a hot time to everyone! I felt a lot of pressure. I also felt a strong desire to live up to the expectations of the fans, as this is a work with a long history. I’m really happy and proud to be involved in this work.

Comment from Uchida Naoya as Jin Hayato
I was one of the “Getter Robo” fans, just like you, so when I heard about this project, I was excited. “I can experience the world of Getter Robo again! I can experience the world of Getter Robo again, and I can play Hayato Kami again!” was how I felt. I can’t contain my excitement at being able to participate in the final work of the now deceased Ishikawa-san’s “Getter Robo Saga”. I’m also looking forward to working with director Kawagoe and the cast and staff again.

(c)Nagai Gou, Ishikawa Ken/Dynamic Planning, Shin Soutome Laboratory