The animated film “Alligator that lives for 100 days” based on the manga “The Alligator That Dies after 100 Days” will be released in theaters nationwide on May 28.
The film’s cast, including Kamiki Ryunosuke, will bring the original manga to life in a “100 Alligator Storyboard” project, and the storyboard video was unveiled on the official SNS at 7:00 p.m. on April 4.

It is a four-frame manga about the daily life of an ordinary alligator by Kikuchi Yuuki, which was posted on Twitter every day for 100 days from December 12, 2019 to March 20, 2020.
The film is about the daily life of an alligator during those 100 days, as well as what happens to the friends who lose their precious things 100 days later.

The “100 Alligator Storyboard” is one part of the “100 Days Project” that is being carried out on the official SNS to send out a project every day to make people more excited about the movie until its release.
It is a digital picture-story show in which the cast of the movie gives their voices to the original four-panel comic “The Alligator that Dies in 100 Days,” and the video posted this time is from the fourth day. Kamiki Ryunosuke, who voices the alligator in the movie, breathed life into it.

The “100 Alligator Picture Story Show” project will be uploaded on the official SNS several times in the future and will also feature a mouse played by Nakamura Tomoya and a mole played by Kimura Subaru. Ahead of the film’s release, watch out for the “original” picture story show.

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