It was revealed that the character designer of “Frozen”, Jin Kim will handle the design of the songstress Belle in the latest work of director Hosoda Mamoru, known for “Summer War” and “Mirai”, “Belle”. Also, the latest trailer is revealed and the voice of Belle could be heard from it.

Jin Kim is a character designer that handled various character designs of Walt Disney Animation Studio, such as “Frozen”, “Tangled”, and “Moana”. It was revealed that he will handle the character design of the songstress Belle.

Also, the concept art of the internet space that housed more than 5 billion users from around the world, is handled by Eric Wong, a British architect/ designer that is living in London.
Other than that, the director Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart from Ireland’s animation studio “Cartoon Saloon” will also participate in this work. Thus, making this work to be participated by various elite creators from around the world.

Also, in the trailer, the appearance of the songstress Belle by Jin Kim can be seen while the translucent and firm singing voice could be heard.
As the information on the cast members still remains unknown, do look forward to the future announcements.

The film “Belle” will be released in nationwide Toho affiliated theatres in July 2021.

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