The animation movie “The Deer King” will be released on Sept. 10, 2021 with the official title “The Deer King: Yuna and the Promised Journey” after postponed a year ago.
Together with the announcement, the special movie and the teaser visual were released and Tsutsumi Shinichi, Takeuchi Ryouma, and An are announced as the casts for the movie.

“The Deer King: Yuna and the Promised Journey” is based on the bestseller novel by Uehashi Nahoko, which received the Book Store Award 2015 and the Best Japanese Medical Novel Award, and will be produced by Production I.G under the direction of Andou Msaji and Miyaji Masayuki.
In the world ruled by the strong empire, a non-blood-related father and daughter who survived through mysterious disease, a genius doctor who seeks for the cure of the disease, and a mysterious lady who tries to take down the empire meet and a story of delicately-designed medical mystery will begin.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Takeuchi Ryouma, An and others have been assigned as the casts for the movie. They are all top Japanese actors and actresses.
Tsutsumi will play the lonely warrior and the protagonist called Van, Takeuchi will play the genius doctor and another protagonist Hossal, and An will play a mysterious female warrior and the chaser of Van, called Sae.

Since this is the first time for Tsutumi to play the character as the voice actor, he commented, “Because the uniqueness of each character in the novel is wonderful, the lines, visual, and movie were impressive”. An commented, “This movie is about the people who deal with the unknown disease. Unluckily, this setting is very close to the current situation that we are in, so I feel some kind of message is hidden in the movie toward us”.

“The Deer King: Yuna and Promised Journey” will be released on Sept. 10, 2021 in theaters around Japan.

【Van/Tsutsumi Shinichi】
To be honest, I had already read the original novel before receiving the offer, and I loved the large world created in the book. I felt the connection with the work when I received the offer, since the realistic movie cannot be made easily.
Although the story itself is a large scale fantasy, it contains some realistic points, so in other words fiction and nonfiction co-exist.
Van’s fate makes a progression when he encounters with new people. He revives by meeting Yuna, regains love and emotion, and he teaches us the importance of living for others.
This movie is a wonderful choice for both who have and who have not yet read the novel. We are waiting you at the theaters.

【Hossal/ Takeuchi Ryouma】
When I read the novel, I immediately submerged into the story with a perfect view of the world expressed in the book. Since Hossal has a strong belief on what he wants to accomplish, it was easy to be related to him.
I was not sure that my voice fits with the character, because this was the first time to participate as a voice actor, but I tried my best to play Hossal, who has a wonderful appearance.
The unique personalities of the characters are the very nice, so the lines, visual, and movie are all wonderful when made into to the movie.
I hope the large scale fantasy willbe delivered to you through the movie “The Deer King”.

【Sae/ An】
I once met with Uehashi-sensei in the interview for “The Deer King”, and I asked his passion toward this work. When I was assigned to the character, I was happy, but at the same time, I was nervous that I was the right choice-so I made the phone call to Kamiwaki-sensei and asked, “Am I the right person for the role?”, and he said I am the right choice.
Sae is a lonely hunter, so I played her with the direction of realistic action to recreate the fighting scenes. In the recording session held two years ago, the movie was incomplete, so I look forward to see the movie.
This movie is about the people overcoming the mysterious disease. Unluckily, this setting shares few parts with current situation that we are in, and I feel that some message is hidden somewhere.

(C) 2021 “The Deer King” Production Committee