“Kinnikuman Birthday Celebration 2021” is being held on the Kinnikuman official online store “KIN29SHOP online” to celebrate the birthday of “Kinnikuman”.

The birthday of the main protagonist Kinnikuman, also known as Kinniku Suguru from the popular manga “Kinnikuman” by Yudetamago, is on April 1.
This time the sales event “Kinnikuman Birthday Celebration 2021” to commemorate his birthday is being held and the goods with the design of the birthday boy “Suguru” are on sale.

The products on sale, include a figure of the young Kinnikuman and KMA’s latest T-shirts in limited color with the illustration of Suguru, the five fated princes, and others.

The lineup also includes the woodblock print of Kinnikuman from the “21st Chojin Olympics: The Big Fight” with a signature of Yudetamago Shimada-sensei and only 29 units are available.

“Kinnikuman Birthday Celebration 2021” has started on April 1. The delivery of Kinnikuman figure “Young Suguru” is scheduled for late-July while Kinnikuman Woodblock Print is scheduled for mid-May.