Netflix announced that it would rent two buildings(No. 7, No.10 Stage) of ‘Toho Studio’, one of the biggest studios in Japan, and other associated facilities for years to expand live-action works in Japan as their first attempt.

Netflix intends to fortify the structures of production based in Japan, and schedules to deliver some live-action films, including “Ride or Die”, a challenging feature film, “The Naked Director” Season 2, “We Couldn’t Become Adults”, and “Asakusa Kid”.

This is the first attempt for Netflix to rent the studios and establish places for long-term production in Japan.
From April 2021, Netflix will begin to produce its original works to the members in 190 countries all over the world from ‘Toho Studio’, where many masterpieces were born, including “Seven Samurai” and “Godzilla” series.

TOHO Studio CO., LTD. CEO: Shimada Mitsuru
‘Toho Studio has been supporting various films, streaming contents, and CM as an international-standard studio since 1932 when it was established. I warmly welcome Netflix to join Toho Studio through this collaboration. We will continue delivering various entertainment that entertains the members all over the world.’

Netflix Production Management Department: Ozawa Teiji
‘I am truly glad that we are delivering the works that are created at the world-class stages of Toho Studio to members all over the world. This collaboration is a dream project that should have been difficult to imagine when Netflix started to fortify the function as a global studio several years ago, and will help us proceed with production in Japan. Since last year, we’ve been in an uncertain situation, but I hope this collaboration will bring some vitality to the people involved in our works and the video industry.’