The 2nd season of “The Monster Puppet Show: Godziban”, by the puppet troupe “Atelier Koganemushi”, who won the audition “GEMSTONE” which has a theme “Godzilla”. It will be starting from May 1 on “Toho Tokusatsu Channel”.

“The Monster Puppet Show: Godziban” is the new nostalgic puppet show from the cooperation between Toho and the puppet troupe “Atelier Koganemushi”, who won the first creators' audition called “GEMSTONE”.
This show had been broadcast from 5pm on every Friday from Aug. 2019 until Dec. 2019 on “Toho Tokusatsu Channel”.
The work is so popular that the tickets for the 1st performance, called “Godzilla Fes 2019” were sold out in 2 hours, and the total views on YouTube has exceeded 2.3 million. (reported on Mar. 23)

The 2nd season for “The Monster Puppet Show: Godziban” has been decided to be broadcast from Friday, May 1, 2020 on 5:00 pm.
In addition to the monsters including the 3 Godzilla brothers who is active in the 1st season, the characters using the Shobijin and Dr. Serizawa as the motifs, will also make an appearance in the video.
The new adventure of Godzilla-kun will begin with new monsters.

To celebrate the broadcast of the 2nd season, the official Twitter account and the original good sale has also been decided.

“The Monster Puppet Show: Godziban” will be broadcast every Friday on 5:00 pm from May 1 on “Toho Tokusatsu Channel”.