From the TV Animation “Tropical-Rouge! Precure”, Episode 3 “Believe in Yourself! Full of CUTE! Cure Coral!” has been released. The episode is about trying to find the second Pretty Cure.

On a Sunday off from school, Manatsu enjoys a shopping mall with Sango and her classmates. On the way home, they decide to go to the aquarium where her mother works, so Manatsu takes them there.

However, Sango gets separated on the way and meets Laura at the outdoor pool. Sango is surprised to see a mermaid for the first time, but is also fascinated by her cuteness. However, when Laura finds out that the tropical pact does not respond to Sango, she disappears into the aqua pot.

The next day at lunchtime, Sango tells Manatsu about what happened when she was in kindergarten, and says that she no longer believes in her own likes, but Laura replies from inside the aqua pot, “Why can’t you believe in your own ‘cuteness’?

Then, after school, Yaraneda appears while leaving school. Manatsu runs off to stop Yaraneda, but her classmates tell her that there are mermaids near where the monster appeared. Sango said, “Mermaids are not bad…! and chases after Manatsu and …….

Episode 3 was broadcast on Sunday, March 14.

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