New Kutani ware bean plate set inspired on “Lupin the Third” arrives at “TMS Shop” on 2021, Feb. 23.

The product is a porcelain set of Kutani ware styled overglaze inspired on the aesthetics of Lupin’s world. Utilizing a mix of the main colors used in Kutani ware, blue (in Kutani ware green is called blue), red, yellow, purple, and navy, which are displayed vividly through a harmonious palette on Zenigata’s coat and Goemon’s outfit.

The visuals of each character were selected from the very first anime in the series “Lupin the Third: Part I”, painted with scenes from first animated television adaptation: Lupin and Funiko, in the notorious opening scene; Jigen shooting the armored car, in the 11th episode “When the Seventh Bridge Falls”; Goemon assaulting Jigen and Lupin, in the 5th episode “The Coming of Goemon the Thirteenth”; Zenigata chasing after Goemon who infiltrated the Miss Global Contest, in 18th episode “Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest”.

“Lupin the Third Kutani Ware Bean Plates (5 piece set)” is priced at 22,000JPY (tax included) and set to be released on 2021, Feb. 23 on “TMS Shop”.

(C) Monkey Punch/TMS-NTV