A puppet show of Godzilla called “Monster Puppet Show Goziban” 3rd season will be broadcast from Mar. 26, 2021.

This show is a new nostalgic puppet show in which Toho formed a tag team with “Atelier Koganemushi”, the group for the puppet play who raked in the 1st creator’s audition ran by “GEMSTONE”.

In season 3, the new characters will appear in the show in addition to the characters who appeared in the previous series. “Biollante”, the monster which ranked in the 1st place for popularity ranking, already has been decided to appear in the 3rd season.

Moreover, the figure of “Goziban” will be released. The line-up includes Godzilla-kun, Minila, and Little. The figure comes with a 2-dimensional code that takes the purchaser to the special video. These figures will be available at toy stores and Godzilla Store from the end of Mar. 2021.

“Monster Puppet Show Goziban” will be broadcast from Mar. 26, 2021, on “Godzilla Channel (Toho Tokumatsu)”.