The main visual for the TV anime “Beastars” Season 2 (broadcast from Jan. 2021) featuring Leghoshi, Louis, and Shishi-gumi has been revealed.

The anime is based on the animal version coming of age ensemble, which swept up numerous awards, including 4 main manga awards. The first season was broadcast in 2019, and the story continues into the 2nd season.

In the main visual, you can see the reflections of the beasts confronting each other in the shards of a broken mirror. It depicts Legshi, Louis, and Shishi-gumi clashing in the Black Market, expressing the dark world of the night that represents the main storyline of the 2nd season, the “Murder Incident Solution”, and the fierce battle scenes.

TV anime “Beastars” Season 2 will be broadcast from Jan. 2021, on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” and other channels.

(C)Itagaki Paru (Akita Shoten) / Beastars Production Committee