The storyline and preview of the TV anime “Wonder Egg Priority” Episode 1 “Kodomo no Ryoubun” (to be aired on Tuesday, January 12, 2021) have been revealed.

“Wonder Egg Priority” is the first original anime by scriptwriter Nojima Shinji, who has created many popular dramas such as “Koukou Kyoushi” and “Ie Naki Ko”.
The story depicts the girls struggling with their problems.

The title of episode 1 is “Kodomo no Ryoubun”.
The 14-year old girl, Ooto Ai, is led to find a mystifying “Egg” by a mysterious voice she encountered during her midnight walk .
Ai doesn’t know what to do with the “Egg” and she decides to go back to where she found it, but when she opened the door, it was for some reason, connected to a school building.
She is confused by the strange atmosphere of the school and hides in the bathroom stall, where the mysterious voice persuades her to break the “Egg”…

“Wonder Egg Priority” Episode 1 “Kodomo no Ryouiki” was broadcast on Nippon TV and other channels from 1:35 a.m. on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

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