From “Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld” comes the first roughly 1//1 size “Night Sky Sword”, Kirito’s one-handed sword, from the display model brand for adults, “PROPLICA”. Pre-orders are currently accepted on “Premium Bandai”.

This product, “PROPOLICA Night Sky Sword”, is a 3D model of the “Night Sky Sword”, which was made from the Gigas Cedar growing by Rulid Village, where Eugeo and Alice grew up. It was recreated in roughly 1/1 size, calculated from Kirito’s height.

Under official supervision, the sword was given realistic textures from skillful coloring techniques to faithfully recreate the image from the show.
It also has recordings of Kirito and Eugeo’s famous lines, sound effects, Sacred Arts, Sword Skills, and BGMs.

“PROPOLICA Night Sky Sword” is priced at 11,000 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently accepted on “Premium Bandai” and shipping is scheduled for May 2021.

(C) 2017 Kawahara Reki / Kadokawa ASCII Media Works / SAO-A Project