The production of a brand-new theatrical film of ‘Sword Art Online’ was announced at its 10th anniversary event, ‘Sword Art Online: Full Dive.’

‘Sword Art Online,’ often abbreviated as SAO, is based on Kawahara Reki’s novel series of the same title, which won the 15th Dengeki Novel Prize and has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. The story depicts the protagonist, Kirito, and the heroine, Asuna, as they take on an adventure in ‘Sword Art Online,’ a next-generation VRMMORPG.

The first volume of the novel was released in April 2009, and 4 TV anime seasons have been produced since 2012. The series has also launched various projects across the media since 2017, including theatrical films. The latest film, ‘Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of a Dark Dusk’ is currently in theaters.

The production of the new film was announced at the anime’s 10th anniversary event ‘Sword Art Online: Full Dive’ on November 6, 2022.
Fans are ecstatic to hear that a brand-new project will be released even after 10 years.

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