Kaidou Asuka and Ichigoya Kanata from “Asukana” will appear in the movie “HoneyWorks 10th Anniversary ‘LIP x LIP FILM x LIVE'” which will be released on December 25, 2020. At the same time, it has been announced that Sakurai Takahiro will play the role of their manager. Moreover, the 2nd key visual and the 2nd trailer have also been released.

This work is a movie produced as HoneyWorks “10th Anniversary Project”. The plot is set on a secret story of the formation of the idol unit LIP x LIP, Yuujiro (voice: Uchiyama Koki) and Aizo (voice: Shimazaki Nobunaga) produced by HoneyWorks.

From the Virtual Johnny’s Project, Kaidou Asuka, Ichigoya Kanata, and Maeda Riku, the manager of “Asukana”, will appear. Fujiwara Joichiro (Naniwa Boys / Kansai Johnny’s Jr.) will play Asuka Kaidou, Ohashi Kazuya (Naniwa Boys / Kansai Johnny’s Jr.) will play Ichigoya Kanata, and Sakurai Takahiro will play Maeda Riku. Comments from the “Asukana” duo and Sakurai Takahiro have arrived.

In the second trailer released this time, you can see the latest images of each of the anime part and the virtual live part.
In the anime part, in addition to “LIP x LIP”, “Asukana”, “Full Throttle 4”, and the idols appearing in this work were lined up.
In the virtual live part in the second half, in addition to LIP x LIP, you can also see the Asukana performing live, and hear Asukana’s singing “Lv.1” and LIP x LIP’s singing “Romeo” respectively.

“HoneyWorks 10th Anniversary ‘LIP x LIP FILM x LIVE'” will be released on December 25, 2020.

Kaidou Asuka
Kanata suddenly shouted, “We will appear in the movie” during the call with our manager, Maeda-kun. At first, I didn’t know what it was, but I was surprised to find that the trajectory of the duo of LIP x LIP will become a movie. We were also present at the site when the duo first met each other, so is this also fate? I was very happy when I found out that I can see HimePime, who can only be seen during the stream, on screen.

Kanata Ichigoya
When I was so surprised and shouted to Asuka, “We will appear in the movie”, he got angry (laughs).
Our manger Mae-chi is a bit of a sadist. Everything is so sudden. But his tension is not going any less makes it feels like a clerical job (laughs). Isn’t this really amazing like Bon Festival and New Year came together!?

Takahiro Sakurai (role of Maeda Riku)
-Tell us about your impression of this work.

Let’s call it Cinderella Story, it was a work associated with it.
However, not all of the underlying suffocation is wiped out.
The last scene of this work may be just the beginning of them.
I thought it was up to them to decide what the happy ending was, and their last words speak for themselves.

-Tell us your impression of your character and thoughts about this role
He will not appear a lot, but all his appearances will be memorable.
I feel some strong will in his muttering. I done the recording while giving off an impression of a songwriter.

“HoneyWorks 10th Anniversary ‘LIP x LIP FILM x LIVE'” will be released on December 25, 2020.

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