A special issue of Animage’s “Healin’ Good Precure”, which includes a cast discussion and spoilers for the movie, will be released from the TV anime “Healin’ Good Precure”. It will be on sale at bookstores nationwide from November 19th.

This product, “Animage January 2021 Special Extra Issue ‘Healin’ Good Precure’ Edition,” is an all-in-one Precure special issue celebrating the release of “Precure Miracle Leap: Minna to no Fushigi na Ichinichi”. It describes even the ending of the movie’s story with abundant materials.

The cover illustration is the four members of ‘Special Healin’ Good Style’ who have just appeared in the TV series, and the healing animals in their conceptual form. The back cover is an illustration by Itaoka Nishiki, the animation director of the film, showing the three generations of pink who have gathered again in Sukoyaka City. The appendix is a set of two gorgeous B5 clear sheets with these images.

The feature article also includes a cast roundtable discussion, as well as plenty of interviews with the TV staff, who have yet to appear in most of this season. There’s also a commentary with spoilers from the film staff and a photoshoot and interview with “Precure” diva Kitagawa Rie.

It also includes feature articles from the March to October 2020 issues of Animage magazine on “Healin’ Good Precure” and “Precure Miracle Leap: Minna to no Fushigi na Ichinichi”, making this book a fun read for both TV and film.

The January 2021 issue of Animage “Healin’ Good Precure” Special Extra Edition will be priced at 1,364 JPY (excluding tax), and is available at bookstores nationwide and on the web. It will be on sale at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide from November 19.

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